Executive education back.

Executive education

In both large and small companies, widespread experience shows that data-driven projects founder unless driven – or, at least sponsored – by the C-Suite. These people need to understand the dynamics of Big Data projects and the benefits &/or pitfalls that can ensue.

For this reason, CSM provides executive training courses aimed at the C-suite to help understand the success criteria and hazards associated with data analytics. In particular, this includes a discussion of the personal traits required for successful analytics projects.


Functional managers

Training for functional managers concentrates more on what they can expect as ‘customers’ for data and predictive analytics.

It is still important for them to understand the people involved with data and how they can best interact and also, how they can best contribute to project success.

Probably the most important lesson for them to take away from this training is the need for cooperation and the removal of ‘data silos’ within the organisation.


Project management

CSM has many years of training Apollo – or high-intellect – teams in project management.

A key element of data analytics is that, sometimes, you don’t know what you are going to find, how long it is going to take and, indeed, if the goal is attainable within the resource and time constraints that inevitably exist.

In spite of these difficulties, it is possible to manage such projects and we can provide, and train people in a suitable planning and management framework.


What we don’t offer(!)

We don’t offer training in advanced digital skills as experience shows that true data scientists are very motivated to seek out advanced training via a variety of means:


  • Peer-to-peer learning networks such as Meetups and hackathons.
  • Training online e.g. DataCamp’s R courses.
  • Involvement in web communities such as Stack Exchange or Kraggie.