Blending skills and behaviours in harmony.

Elsewhere we have used the analogy (or metaphor) of goldminers, goldsmiths and jewellers to describe the various phases – and people involved in data-driven projects. We need the miners to extract and organise the data, the smiths to turn it into something useful and the jewellers to craft and present it in context.

You don’t need to be an expert in psychology to recognise that this is a heady mix of skills and the associated behaviours which are required to work together.

BelbinAt CSM we use Belbin methodology to help understand and manage the people delivering data-driven projects. Indeed, there are many different psychometric systems favoured by organisations but Meredith Belbin did his research in Cambridge and, over the years, we have come to recognise that organisational behaviour in the UK and e.g. the USA is different – and, indeed, in France, Germany, Eastern Europe, etc.

So, in those instances where we are called in to assist with changing the dynamics or efficiency of multi-disciplinary teams we usually base our intervention on Belbin methodology.

This has proved successful in academia, industrial research organisations, drug-discovery, health and data-driven organisations involved with advanced data and predictive analytics. In fact, anywhere that involves Apollo teams who need to work alongside, and deliver to more conventional, results-driven colleagues. It is an art-form in itself!