‘Digital literacy’ is open to a wide variety of interpretations.

The European Commission refers to it in terms of three components:


Digital Competence

Defined as the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills related to the digital world.


Digital Usage

Defined as the application of digital competence within specific professional or domain contexts.


Digital Transformation

Defined as the use of digital technologies to enable innovation and creativity, and stimulate significant change within the professional or knowledge domain.


At CSM we have significant experience of digital transformation in the areas of banking, insurance, property planning, retail and health resource management. Our Case Studies illustrate the innovation we have applied, and the impact we have generated for our customer organisations, both in the public and private sectors.

A subset of digital literacy relates to the analytical skills required. These have been defined by the UK Government (BIS) and include data-driven IT skills, problem solving, and considerations of safety and security. It is these skills that underpin all aspects of digital transformation and at CSM we are positioned to assist in each of these areas.