Project Management


Delivery to expectation.

‘Project Management’ is a term open to widespread misunderstanding. Projects have many dimensions, from –

Large to small
Crossrail – to building this web site

Defined to vague
Building a bridge – to financial fraud

Mission-critical to nice-to-have
Restoring electricity after an outage – to reorganising the corporate filing system

…and much more


Each of these dimensions – and, especially their combination – brings its own challenges. Even the ‘nice to haves’ can result in considerable strife because they are never urgent but somebody, somewhere wants them and is waiting for a result!

Data analytics have much in common with R&D projects where the objectives ore often not clear, high-intellect personnel are involved (see ‘Apollo teams’ in the Glossary), those managing the project may not understand the detail, and there is usually a deadline.


There is also the perennial problem of balancing –

  • The result or outcome
  • The cost
  • The time


This can become very fraught in the area of data analytics as time and cost are very visible, but the results or outcomes may be not well defined (in our experience, this is a very typical situation).

Elsewhere we speak about the people involved with data analytics in a business context: what a statistician may see as a satisfactory outcome may be hugely different to the expectation of the business manager who has commissioned the project.

For this reason, project management of data-related and analytics projects is a skill in its own right and CSM brings a wealth of experience to this activity.