Mentoring (Enhancing people skills)


Enhancing team performance.

Our approach to coaching and mentoring is hands-on and we are proud to have worked with a wide range of professionals, from our own staff to those in client organisations (public and private sector), and also in academic settings.


We have coached professionals in developing their own management style through higher performance at work, social interaction skills and confidence; we have also helped aspiring entrepreneurs, PhDs and MBAs seeking guidance for their career development in an increasingly complex world. At all times, we have been mentoring colleagues and customers in developing a sound understanding of the new trends in the data economy, presenting sound analysis to the Board and stimulating change.

As an organisation, we thrive on working in complex stakeholder environments where we can assist with generating change from within – but usually not over-night! Our success to date is directly linked to the care we take to understand our customers’ language, aspirations and objectives. This has enhanced our ability to both deliver sustainable value, and to build relationships for life.