Data Quality


Data quality includes cleansing, matching and enrichment.

Data Cleansing

Identifying and removing the rubbish
Dealing with missing data
De-duplicating (if appropriate)

Data Verification

Address verification
Change of address

Data Matching

Linking linking
Single Customer view (SCV)

Data Enrichment

Appending business data
Appending customer data including geocodes
Appending external data (psychographic data, market research, etc.)

CSM has over 10 years of experience of combining (or blending) disparate datasets and cleansing or ‘scrubbing’ them to achieve the ultimate goal of a single customer view, often enhanced with both internal and external attributes including wealth indicators, shopping preferences, economic indicators and much more.

Virtually any data practitioner (data miner, data scientist, data analyst, etc.) will tell you that they have to spend a disproportionate amount of time cleansing and enriching the data before they are able to analyse it and extract business value. CSM has the knowledge, skills and capacity to do this for you efficiently The results are where the sustainable value starts for our customers.