Value from data and services.

Progress from data, to insight, and onwards to value is the goal of all advanced analytics and modelling activities.

Typical examples for financial services are based on network re-sizing (ensuring that a bank’s retail network is matched to the financial capacity of its catchment area); for an on-line retailer, it is important to optimise their seasonally dependent stocking policy; for a vehicle manufacturer it is vital to predict demand and monitor the supply-chain . . . and many more.

The common factor of the examples cited above is that the value of accurate predictions is tangible and can be measured: it is possible to quantify the value and hence the ROI.

Less tangible is the value of predictions associated with e.g. health outcomes which may take many months – or even years to become apparent. In these circumstances, an element of trust is required based on prior performance.

CSM has a 30 year track record of working with some of the most prestigious clients – many with repeat business. These are the organisations that recognise the value we bring to all that we do.