CSM always strives to work in partnership with clients.

Data mining, data analytics and insight are all based on a genuine connection between internal and external resources.

While CSM’s staff may have relevant knowledge, expertise and experience, almost invariably the client will have specific domain and application knowledge which surpasses anything that can be obtained externally.

The benefits of working with external resources (data, people and technology) is that it brings a wider perspective than is probably available within any one company. The knowledge gained from fraud detection in Insurance may be relevant to a retail chain; experience of churn mitigation in a mobile radio supplier may be applicable to an insurer, and so forth.

Our main delivery channels are by way of consultancy and training. These are outlined below.



As described elsewhere, we provide four types of consultancy in the areas of data and predictive analytics:

  • Turnkey projects
  • Skills
  • Intervention and guidance
  • Project management

All consultancy is provided from Cambridge in the United Kingdom and please contact us to discuss your requirements.



CSM provides three types of training:

Executive education

Supplied as occasional open courses in London and elsewhere.

Functional management

Supplied as occasional open courses in London and elsewhere but can be run as a bespoke in-house courses for organisations interested in major data-driven transformational projects.

Project management

Usually supplied as one-to-one (or small group) training in-house for clients undertaking significant data analytics projects.


Please contact us with details of your training needs.