Core Team


Our staff are experienced managers with considerable experience of the UK business environment; also of the USA and Central & Eastern Europe.

Bill Metcalf

Chartered Engineer /  Chartered Physicist

Daniela Florea

Value-focused Senior Executive

We are, first and foremost, “doers”. We act as facilitators, as experts in particular disciplines, and also as mentors. We work with our customers as true partners as this is how we can make our greatest contribution.


As external consultants, executive directors and non-executive directors, we have experience of –

  • Business planning
  • Financial management
  • Both financial and market segmentation
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital transformation
  • Cross-channel communications
  • Operations management
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance


We are all experienced in teamwork. This is of critical importance as the implementation of change cuts across disciplines, requiring new alliances to be created, developed and nurtured.

Initial problem solving by way of consultancy often reveals a need for training which we can support by on-going coaching and mentoring.

We are qualified users of Belbin profiling for team optimisation: this is a particularly useful component of team building for transformational projects.

It is results that count: we are proud of our level of repeat business as this is indicative of satisfied customers and a job well done!